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Jodi Swenson
Gloucester, MA

Our Mission:
Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing and providing the necessary rehabilitative care to all injured, orphaned or otherwise impaired wildlife during their confinement and adjustment period. Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc. works hard to ensure their survival upon release back into their natural environment.


Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc. formerly Cape Ann Wild Bird Rescue has been rescuing and rehabilitating many various species of birds in Gloucester, Massachusetts since 2005.


With the loss of our facility in early 2015, we are limited to healthy orphaned ducklings, goslings, turkey poults and gulls along with emergency care for raptors and pigeons. We are always here to advise on renesting strategies, as well as give advice on if and when an animal or bird need rescuing.


About Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc.


Jodi Swenson, who is the Head of Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc., is a State and Federally Permitted Wildlife Specialist. She specilizes in songbirds but is also experienced in many other species including seabirds, shorebirds, wading birds, hook bill birds, pigeons, small doves and (raptor) mammals.


Jodi Swenson has always been an animal lover. As a child she tried to save many victims of the neighborhood cats. As an adult she raised her first baby sparrow and a baby pigeon. Jodi found so much joy in it that she couldn’t wait to find something else to save.


Shortly after Jodi found a tiny baby fluff ball seagull who changed everything for her. Please read Sam's Story. The trials and challenges of raising a single seagull soon exposed her to a world of wildlife rehabilitators she did not know existed and her life has never been the same.


Every year between 250-300 injured and orphaned wildlife come thru our doors, every year is a struggle to stay afloat and we rely solely on the public for donations.


Songbirds are incredibly expensive to raise, they can cost between $50-$100 per bird, depending on the species, some birds are even more expensive, for instance the Common Crow which is Jodi’s very favorite bird takes many, many months to mature. They need large well constructed enclosures and have a varied diet that includes chicken, eggs, dry pet food, fish, insects, nuts, berries, vegetables and grains. Being a large bird they consume an incredible amount of hand feeding formula during growth, as do all young songbirds.


Veterinary care medications, first aid and hand feeding supplies and quickly add up. Electricity and water bills go up with special lights, heat sources, laundry, dishes, pools, and cleaning during the baby season. We are always in need of more caging indoors and out, we are always learning by attending wildlife conferences and symposiums in addition to buying books and publications.


With a small handful of federally permitted wildlife rehabilitators in the entire state and none on Cape Ann aside from us, your support is vital.


How well the public supports us financially is directly linked to how many birds we can accept at any given time.


Thank you,



Rehabbers Prayer

Give us strength today we pray,
And light our path along the way.
Lend our hands Your healing touch,
For wild ones that need us much.
We ask for hope and courage too.
Help us know what's best to do.
You've led them here into our care,
Please help us ease the pain they bear.
When weariness invades our souls,
And sleepless nights all take their toll,
Bathe us with Your healing Light
And lift us gently with Your might.
Give us faith to set them free.
To earth and water to sky and tree.
And if you call them back to stay
Ease their passage home we pray
----Susan Saliga






Member of Wildlife Rehabilitators' Association of Massachusetts


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